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Re: dinstall problem?

On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 10:03:09PM -0700, Ron Farrer wrote:
> One of my packages, uptime-applet, seems to have vanished. Or has it?
> Apparently something went wrong during the dinstall and I never got an
> email saying "INSTALLED" like usual. Looking on auric, I see the
> package IS there (uptime-applet_0.2.0-4) in the pool.

ajt@auric:~$ madison uptime-applet
uptime-applet |    0.2.0-1 |       testing | alpha, sparc, source
uptime-applet |    0.2.0-1 |      unstable | sparc
uptime-applet |    0.2.0-4 |      unstable | alpha, source

It doesn't appear to be available for i386.

> However using
> the CGI search on packages.debian.org does not show it (package isn't
> found). 

The p.d.o CGI probably only looks at i386 packages. "silo" doesn't show up
either, eg.

> The package was duploaded (to unstable) on April 20th. There
> is also an open bug against uptime-applet that 0.2.0-4 closes, but it
> is still open... 

 uptime-applet (0.2.0-4) unstable; urgency=low
   * Moved to autconf, closes: bug#93713

93713 is closed, though: it's the build-depends bug which was also closed
in -3.

> I looked at the changes file and don't see anything
> wrong and I don't suspect there is since it IS in the pool. Can anyone
> shead some light on this? 



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