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Re: galeon and light

>> christophe barb? <christophe.barbe@lineo.fr> writes:

 > But the fact is that you seem to mistaken my act : I just proposed
 > TODAY uptodate package of galeon and I'm proposing to continue to do
 > it.  If somebody else propose package for galeon I will be very happy
 > to use it.  You seem to defend a man that I don't actually fight? Are
 > you paranoid ?  Did you really know him or is it just for fun ?

 Chill up.  Noone is fighting you, ok?

 When I say "be polite" I mean just that: be polite.  I'm not saying
 that you are being impolite.  I'm saying that is polite to say "hey, I
 know you have filed an ITP for this, but since I don't see any progress
 for so many months I just want to know if that's still your intention."
 Someone (three people, in fact and if I recall correctly) already said
 they wanted to make an official package for galeon.  These people
 agreed on one of them actually carrying out that job.  This someone was
 Jared.  As I said, real life has the nasty habit of getting in the way.
 If you say you have contacted Jared about this and he hasn't replied,
 ok, his problem (but go back to the "real life" remark, please).  The
 fact that you can't upload galeon to the archive is something else.
 There's no way to get galeon on the archive if mozilla isn't there.
 That's all I'm saying.

 And just for the record, yes, I know Jared.  I have never met him in
 real life, but I know him anyways.



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