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Re: imp broken in unstable?

On Tue, May 01, 2001 at 09:09:06AM +1000 , Brian May wrote:
> Hello,
> Recently, not long after I upgraded imp and horde to unstable, it broke :-(
> Now whenever I try to use it I can compilation warnings like this:
> Warning: This compilation does not support pg_cmdtuples() in /etc/horde/db_pgsql.inc on line 122

old php4 or some strange build. version?

> Warning: PostgresSQL query failed: ERROR: Cannot insert a duplicate key into unique index active_sessions_pkey in
> /etc/horde/db_pgsql.inc on line 52

know upstream bug. it's happening only sometimes, when imp tries to insert
same session value onto postgresql and of course fails

> (the first line always occurs every-time, the second line is
> intermittent).
> The Debian maintainer said he was unable to help (see bug #95683),
> however he suggested it was a postgresql problem. He also downgraded
> the bug to normal
> However, if I run apache from my stable chroot, which uses the stable
> version of horde and imp, then everything works fine, even with
> postgresql 7.0 (I am going to refrain from upgrading again until I get
> this sorted out).
> So, any ideas how I should solve this? Or do I conclude that imp in
> unstable is broken, and unusable in my given configuration?

				Petr Cech
Debian GNU/Linux maintainer - www.debian.{org,cz}

"Resistance is futile. Open your source code and prepare for assimilation."  Peak

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