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Re: Is there a tool which keeps track of space on filesystems during install?

Je 25 May 2001 14:08:07 -0000,
"Pawel Wiecek" <coven-debian-devel@debian.org> scribis:
> On May 25,  3:37pm, Matthias Berse wrote:
> > filesystem and trigger warnings if it get's to full. Yes I know apt
> > tells me how much space will be used after install (or removal) of
> > packages, but it does not tell me how much on which filesystem and it
> It can't say more -- only the total installed size is stored inside .deb file
> (and Packages file).  Actually there's no way dpkg-buildpackage could
> calculate amount of space used on each filesystem in your particular setup
> (for obvious reasons) and if apt-get was supposed to calculate it -- well, it
> would have to download and unpack the file first...

I think this functionality belongs more properly to dpkg.  You want to
stop dpkg from unpacking a .deb that it *suspects* won't fit in the space
left.  It *suspects* that it won't fit if after unpacking the .deb files
there won't be any space left.  That can be tested without unpacking
the .deb.

The pre/post-inst/rm scripts complicate things slightly.  Preinst
might free up some space, for example.  Still, I think a warning (or
controlled error) might be better than outright failure and potential
database corruption.  What happens when /var fills up?

Of course, apt should also warn you when you tell it to download more
than will fit on /var/cache/apt/archives.  But that's a seperate issue.


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