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Re: build depends on kernel-headers

>>"Sam" == Sam Hartman <hartmans@mit.edu> writes:

 Sam> We are making active decisions related to this problem.  Ben is
 Sam> actively removing headers not used by libc6-dev;

	For what it is worth, I do not agree with this process. I
 still think that libc-dev should come with a snapshot of the full
 linux headers, though I do see Ben's point in reducing the usage of
 non-standard headers. 

 Sam>  there may be other things happening as well related to these issues.
 Sam>  If this has the net effect that I as an end user find I can't build
 Sam>  significant sets of software on Debian without significant effort,
 Sam>  but I can build the same software on a distribution that isn't as
 Sam>  agressive at being correct with its libc, then we have not served our
 Sam>  user community.  We do need to encourage people to transition, but we
 Sam>  do not want to do so in a manner that causes people to get the
 Sam>  impression that Debian is less functional for their needs.

	I would lean towards correctness rather than popularity. If I
 wanted a popular, shoddy system, I would stay with windows.  If
 people are going to be making decisions on shallow reasons like those
 you menti0on, I am not sure I want them using Debian; our support
 structure is trained enough as it is.

 I'm thinking about DIGITAL READ-OUT systems and computer-generated
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