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Re: dpkg: File missing at postinst (Re: Bug#98419: Postgresql on sid (fwd))

Richard Braakman wrote:
  >On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 04:04:16PM +1000, Brian May wrote:
  >> One case I can think of where the config file may not get installed
  >> (AFAIK + IIRC, but not recently tested):
  >> 1. user manually deletes the file.
  >> 2. user installs latest version of package.
  >> 3. conffile within package has not changed since the last version user had
  >>    installed.
  >> 4. dpkg sees that the conffile has not changed, and does bother reinstalli
  >>    it.
  >... and this is exactly what would happen if you "remove all traces"
  >of the package by removing (but NOT purging) it and then deleting
  >the conffile.
Does dpkg not consider removal of a conffile to be a change?

  >Could that be the problem?  In that case it would be fixed by actually
  >purging the package.
  >(This could be a fairly generic problem -- since apt-get remove
  >doesn't purge, any sysadmin who "cleans up" the /etc directory will
  >get into this situation with a lot of packages.)

It sounds like a dpkg bug, then.  Is it?

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