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Re: ITH (Intent To Hijack) pilot-manager

On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 12:36:45PM +0200, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> On Wed, 2 May 2001, Chris Waters wrote:

> > Just wanted to let people know that I'm going to hijack the
> > pilot-manager package.  The current maintainer seems to be completely
> > MIA; he hasn't uploaded a version in over a year.  I emailed him and

> He seems to be MIA: How often did you try to contact him and how long ago?
> (always remember that most of us work for Debian in our spare time).

I first sent him an inquiry back when he was still the perl
maintainer.  After he turned perl over to Brendan, I figured he'd be
able to concentrate on his other packages more, but it's been five
months, and there's been no activity with pilot-manager at all,
despite a long list of bugs.  I sent him another message when I NMU'd
at the last bug-fix party and still haven't heard back.  I told him
then that unless he objected, I would hijack the package, but that if
I did that, he could have it back anytime for the asking.

> > got no response.  I use the package, and I did the most recent NMU.
> > I'm cc'ing him this message -- Darren, you can have it back for the
> > asking, but for now, it's mine, mine, all mine!  Mwuah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!

> Haeh? This sounds a bit as if you are kidding...

Trying to inject a bit of humor -- I'm not real comfortable with this,
but I'm also not comfortable making the drastic changes to
pilot-manager that are needed at this point, as an NMU.  The package
needs some real surgery, and I doubt if Darren wants to be deluged
with reports about *my* bugs, which is the most likely outcome if I do
all the things that need doing.

I'm trying to follow the golden rule here.  If it were my package, and
I'd been neglecting it this badly, this is how I'd prefer it to be
handled -- in particular, with the offer to return it at any time.

But maybe that's just me.  If you guys really think I'm stepping over
the line here, then I'll retract my ITH and just do massive patching
as an NMU.  But again, if it were me, I'd rather have a package
hijacked than have a whole bunch of major patches suddenly dumped in
my lap while I'm away.  Especially if the hijacker used and cared
about the package.

> > p.s.  I wonder if we shouldn't add ITH as an official category in
> > WNPP.  It's something that's probably going to come up more and more
> > as more developers become MIA over time.

> Martin usually marks packages of MIA maintainers as orphaned. I
> think it's better if a few persons take care of this instead of many
> more people sending ITHs.

Ok.  I'm just worried about growing pains.  Seems like a lot of
responsibility for one person to try to track all the packages and
their maintainers.  But if he's happy and you're happy, then I'm


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