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Re: how can Euro symbol be displayed under X [4.0.3]?

>  I know that Debian is a volunteer organization. After all I'm in the
> middle of the NM process ;-) I only want to ask people (or at least
> European people) if someone is doing something, or thinks that something
> must be done. What I don't want to do is to start fixing those things by
> hand, and start thinking how this could be done in spanish debian lists,
> while the Germany or French people are doing the same. What I want is
> that if something is going to be made, be made by everyone altogether. 

I am an European living in Canada. I am using a "US international"
kbd layout. Originally it was called "US latin-1", and besides the fact
that it didn't include the euro symbol (which is normal for latin-1)
it was not even able to produce some accented characters correctly (I
speak and write in French, and am still in contact with Europeans).

I have modified it and obtained a keymap that is both
Latin-[09]/ISO-8859-15 compliant. I have filled a bug report against
console-data (90642), including a patch, and after 48 days this has
still not be fixed. I did not even receive an aknowledgment from the
package maintainer.

So, yes Debian is a volunteer organization. But some volunteers
(maintainers) should "volonteer" more than volunteers who send

My 0.02 ¤ (2 ¢)


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