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Debian packages relying on TMPDIR

Hi all,

I'm not sure if this has previously been discussed on
debian-devel but I haven't found anything.  I have
encountered some packages which when started as root and
drop privileges rely on the TMPDIR environment variable. 
That is $TMPDIR must be writable.  This is a problem here
as I'm sure it is on other systems.  I have my $TMPDIR set
to /root/.tmp for security and that directory is mode 0700. 
If I upgraded MySQL for example and dpkg restarts it, it
inharits my secure TMPDIR but MySQL drops root privilege
and cannot write to it.

I am wondering if it is my responsibility as a user to
clear TMPDIR on a dist-upgrade, the init.d script to clear
it or the upstream program to check to see if it's writable
and use /tmp if not.


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