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Debconf and substitution in long description


While debconfiscating :-) uptimed, I also added a note to uprecords-cgi
so that the sysadmin would be informed where the CGI would show up in his
webtree. In this note, I'd like to use substitution, but this apparently
doesn't work.

The templates file says:

Description: uprecords.cgi has been installed into the webtree
 You have installed the uprecords-cgi package. That means that a new CGI
 script has been installed, which is now visible to the outside world as
 http://${hostname}/cgi-bin/uprecords.cgi ...

The config script has:

hostname=`hostname --fqdn`
db_subst 'uprecords-cgi/install_note' hostname $hostname
db_input medium 'uprecords-cgi/install_note' || true

While this may not be a really important place, I'd still like it to
work. Any ideas what might be wrong?


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