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Re: dm management of wm listings (kdm/gdm/etc..)

On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 03:11:19AM -0600, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> Hi,
>     Branden and I discussed the issue of dm's that have wm lists to choose 
> from several months ago.  At that time he thought that maybe the update-menu
> type of approach would be a good way to solve this.  I'd like to restate what
> my understanding of the problem and current suggested solution and see what
> people think.  (and then find out where we go next from here)
>   Problem:  Desktop Managers like kdm and gdm support Window Manager listings
>             so that users can choose what they want to login in using.  There
>             currently is no common way for wm's to register themselves with
>             each/any/all dm's that may be installed on the system.  

mmm, here you are talking the graphical login prompt (don't know it's propper
name) who ask for what kind of session you are wanting. As an example, gdm
currently proposes to launch gnome-session, whatever is in Xsession or xsm.

Note that these are no window managers? For the gnome session, you can then
choose the window-manager in the control center. Is it this you are speaking
about ?


sven Luther

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