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Re: build depends on kernel-headers

>>"Sam" == Sam Hartman <hartmans@MIT.EDU> writes:

 Manoj> We already have a process for packages that actually do
 Manoj> need kernel headers, and are thus dependent on particular
 Manoj> kernel versions.

 Sam> We do?  please explain what it is.

 Manoj> We call these packages kernel modules; and we have a
 Manoj> process by which you inform make where the relevant kernel
 Manoj> headers are to be found. make-kpkg automates that somewhat
 Manoj> (and make-kpkg can be used for packages that are not
 Manoj> kernel-modules, you know).

 Sam> How do I use make-kpkg to build modules with a kernel headers
 Sam> package?

	As you can see above, I never said kernel headers *package*. I
 reiterate, we have a process for modules that need kernel-headers,
 and that is provided by a process similar to the one employed by
 kernel-package (using kernel sources). It is trivial to create a
 script that will work with kernel-headers as well.

	kernel-package was designed to work with kernels and kernel
 modules, and for these one generally needed to configure the kernel
 locally (most modules have to be turned on during configuration). 

	I am not saying we do not need to facilitate third party
 software that requires kernel headers to build. I am coming out in
 strong objection to the symlink shennanigans we have gotten away from
 in the past, for precisely the reasons we got away from them in the
 first place. 

	For a developer packaging a package, it is a trivial effort to
 allow for a location to be provided either on the command line, or a
 envritonment variable, (perhaps looking at a few ``standard''
 locations first. We can even have the config process ask the
 developer, as vmware does when compiling its modules.

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