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Re: Ext2 ACLs

On May 16, 10:21pm, Dominik Kubla wrote:
> I have already packaged all the necessary software (and i am in close

Why didn't you mention that on WNPP???

> cooperation with the author of the POSIX ACL patch and the TrustedBSD people).
> All i need to do is to figure out how to create a proper kernel-patch
> package

Perhaps I could help you in some way.

> I will register as maintainer of these packages unless there are
> objections.  Since i used to be a Debian developer some time back
> (i wonder how many of you still recognize me...) there shouldn't
> be too many.

Well, perhaps I could help you in some way, like by sponsoring your packages
in the meantime (returning maintainers are AFAIK processed quite quickly, but
it takes some time anyway).


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