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Re: How to block spam (Re: SPAM:come on dream world..)

Michael Piefel (2001-05-02 15:58:27 +0200) :

> Am  2.05.01 um 22:46:46 schrieb Tomohiro KUBOTA:
> > Do you think inhibiting all non-ASCII (including ISO-8859-1
> > aka Latin-1) is too strict?  
> Oops. That would block my mail because of my signature. I'd say let all
> of Latin-* through, it will just cause a few `?' on the readers side.

  If we start filtering according to charsets (which I'm not really
sure will provide any effectiveness against spam), I will oppose any
scheme that filters out Unicode messages.  It's hard enough getting
people to switch to UTF-8, there's no need to provide them with an
excuse to stay with their own charsets.

Roland Mas

Time is a drug.  Too much of it kills you.
  -- in Small Gods (Terry Pratchett)

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