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Re: dinstall problem?

Anthony Towns (aj@azure.humbug.org.au) wrote:

> It doesn't appear to be available for i386.
> The p.d.o CGI probably only looks at i386 packages. "silo" doesn't show up
> either, eg.

That explains it! Ok, now I can sleep better. :)

> 93713 is closed, though: it's the build-depends bug which was also closed
> in -3.

Yup, and herein lies my mistake. I said to close an already closed bug
(doh!) What I REALLY meant to do was close #93109, I'll take care of
that later. Had I bothered to notice the bug was under a DIFFERENT
number, that would have been ok. Ohh well, not the end of the

> HTH.

Yup, thanks.


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