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[no subject] About addauth and security. addauth Re: ah, here it is any Alt+SysRq+foo equivalent on Hurd ??? apt-get really works 'apt-get upgrade' -> system doesn't boot apt-get works with a hack (msync) apt problem -> broken ? Article on GNU Grub in German computer magazine ct boot problems (still) Boot problem (was Re: XFree, an on-going story (plus a newbie question)) Boot scripts Re: [Bug-hurd] More bugs with the Hurd. Re: [Bug-hurd] Re: Ethernet card detection bug in wd_probe (was Re: Problem solved!) Building gnumach busybox under the Hurd can't find servers.boot ??? Compiling GNUMach compiling gnumach/mig Conference ? Cross-Binutils delaying gnumach and tar file Easy guide of cross-compiling with .deb Error installing hurd debs on woody Ethernet card detection bug in wd_probe (was Re: Problem solved!) Re: Ethernet problem actually in hp.c (was Re: Ethernet card Re: Ethernet problem actually in hp.c (was Re: Ethernet card detection bug in wd_probe) Ethernet problem actually in hp.c (was Re: Ethernet card detection bug in wd_probe) experimental apt packages available fd0 crash fixed in CVS file permissions in latest tarball Format of HURD Porgamming HOWTO/Tutorial Re: Format of HURD Progamming HOWTO/Tutorial fsck and shell-utils Re: Getting started (where is documentation) Glibc, gcc, libdb2 and nss_db Gnome without pthreads... bad idea! gnu hurd partition gnumach hacked apt -> wrong dependencies ? Help offered help reqd installing hurd on i386! How I installed the Hurd on VMware. Re: Hurd Documentation / HOWTO's Hurd freezes while booting hurd info file Hurd installation CD HURD Progamming HOWTO/Tutorial hurd upgrade Initial trouble with X instalation from redhat Installation CD installing debian on hurd with dselect -> broken system IPv6? I've got it! (Re: oskit-mach) [ Re: 'apt-get upgrade' -> system doesn't boot] kernel halts during first boot kmsg --- get the boot messages ld error 9 ls | more master/slave translators (was IPv6) MAXPATHLEN Re: mig? minimal Hurd system missing step in my X instructions modems should work now (who was going to work on ppp?) More bugs with the Hurd. Mounting cdrom with tarball native-install. can't do diff native-install... I forgot to attach it native install. was [Re: Unidentified subject!] Net under Hurd networking [newbie] networking question. new apt newbie Re: a newbie question new gnu-20001309.tar.gz -> now never bootable new home of cross-install scripts New Install A new install guide new tar file, please test! No access to mail (not hurd related) oskit-mach binary Oskit-mach followup oskit-mach is very stable Packages coming soon Patch: Accessing the CD-ROM == Bad ping: socket: translator died Re: pmake patch Re: Porting FreeBSD's/OpenBSD's User-level ppp(8) to the Hurd PPP progress on the HURD Problems installing hurd on i386 Problems installing Hurd on i386 Problem solved! problem solved, long live the problem :-( Problem solved! - sort of. (was Re: kernel halts during first boot) Problem Solved [Was: Re: New Install] Problems with oskit-mach Python on hurd (was RE: Report on X) Reinstallation problems Report on X request for archives of this list for September 2000 root-device Root device does not exist Root device doesn't exist Root device not found... root in tar file route command under Hurd Some initial problems to solve... some network questions Some questions... SOS!, hurd problem => linux problem source location? src for gnumach and hurd State of ppp Re: Strange mc working. Support for 2 network interfaces, please test! svgalib anyone? syslogd, networking test Trying to compile Trying to compile epic Trying to compile Epic Unidentified subject! Unix syscall under the Hurd unsuscribe want guidance Where can I get The GNU C Library Reference Manual as a postcript file? Fwd: Re: Where is the grub floppy? Where to go next? XFree86 3.3.6-10 XFree, an on-going story Re: XFree, an on-going story (plus a newbie question) The last update was on 20:11 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 506 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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