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Re: SOS!, hurd ld.so problem => linux ld.so problem

Javier Viñuales Gutiérrez <vigu@ctv.es> writes:


> The very big problem arrived my linux box when I run dselect to
> update a package... and then:
> /lib/ld.so: invalid dynamic linker option -1073743189


> I just asked in irc.debian.org (#debian) why it's happening in my
> system and some people told me that they had a similar problem when
> overwrote the linux files with gnu.tar.gz files. One of them
> suggested me that the best choice is reinstall my linux
> system.... and, I can't believe it!.

That would be me :)

I did this exact same thing about 8 months or so ago.  I ended up just
reinstalling Debian.

Another poster suggested creating a boot disk and trying to get your
system back piecewise; This could work if you know everything that the
gnu.tar.gz file overwrote.  But even then, I think it could be an ugly

I still suggest reinstalling; at least then you know your system is in
a good state.  Hopefully you have made /home a separate partition, so
you don't even need to reinstall it from a backup...

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