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Re: State of ppp

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From: "Ramakrishnan M" <rkrishnan@ti.com>
To: "James Franklin" <jfranklin@etworld.com>
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Sent: Friday, September 15, 2000 9:02 PM
Subject: Re: State of ppp

> James Franklin wrote:
> >
> > http://kt.linuxcare.com/debian-hurd/dh20000816_57.epl#2
> After going through the messages some obvious questions are popping up in
> mind.
> 1. There was a reference to a patch (by Thomas Bushnell) to pfinet to
> its current limitation of handling only one interface (i.e ethernet +
> loopback). Is this patch integrated into the main source code? If not,
where is
> the patch? Why was it not integrated into the mainstream?

it probablly is integrated into the mainstream, check bug-hurd archives for
around that time frame.
> 2. I found that a hell lot of discussions on "HOwto do it" has happened in
> list, without any logical conclusion. I do not claim to understand each
> every method suggested. Why is it so difficult to fix up a way to
implement it?

this makes it very simple, choose an approach and implement it.
> I think once we fix the way to go, rest of the job will be smooth.
> Without PPP, I don't think, individuals (particularly in Asia), will be
able to
> try out GNU/Hurd, and hence the development and usage will suffer. Without
> GNU/Hurd will remain a research OS for ever. PPP is an imeediate necessity
> we need to act fast to make it happen.
good luck and have fun

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