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Packages coming soon


this is my current task list for packages to compile and upload, just so
that everyone is informed (and shiver in aticipation or just avoid
duplicated efforts).

1. fvwm and rxvt (their upload was rejected, because I messed it up).
2. libungif, imlib, gqview, orbit, gnome-libs
   Some of them have small problems (libtool version, one MAXPATHLEN issue)
   but basically work.
3. gnome-core, bonobo, enlightenment, gnome-games, gnome-applets
   I will try those, but don't know how well they work yet.

You see, we will get some gnome stuff soon.
I also want to try sawmill.

4. glibc 2.1.94 (pre-2.2), gcc, db2, nss-db
   The transition requires building gcc twice, glibc twice as well, and
   some other packages, so this is something for a long weekend :)


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