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Re: Hurd installation CD

On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> Uh, gnu.org only contains some unofficial updates, a tetsing field if you
> want. You can include them, but as I saud, they are only an addition, not a
> replacement for debian.org.
In that case I will stick with debian.org, it will save me work.  I will
include gnu.org as the extras.  I will make certain that there are no
symlinks this time.

> Yes. You should wait for the next update, which I will do tomorrow latest
> (maybe in a couple of hours). There is a bug in gnumach which leads to
> crashes, and I want streamdev in the Hurd package (for /dev/kmsg, so people
> can report the boot message).

I will grab it when it is available.

> After running native-install the second time, you need to reboot. Then:
> cd /dev
> ./MAKEDEV hd1
> settrans /cdrom /hurd/isofs /dev/hd1
Still not working.  I ran ./native-install twice.

Rebooted (single user), ran export TERM=mach, and cd /dev
ran ./MAKEDEV /dev/hd1
	ls showed hd1 had been created
ran settrans /cdrom /dev/hd1 /cdrom
	this seemed OK
ran mount -t isofs /dev/hd1 /cdrom
	segmentation fault
ran cd /cdrom
	/hurd/isofs: /dev/hd1: Device not configured
	cd /cdrom: Translator died.

Any ideas?  Frustration!!  The .debs could be copied from the CD onto the
Hurd partition to get dpkg/dselect working.  Ugly. 

> I am sorry that the images you sent me are not available yet. It's more
> difficult for me than expected to get them out of the door.

These thing happen.


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