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Re: Some questions...

On Tue, Sep 12, 2000 at 02:06:33PM -0500, rt wrote:
> > This change introduces new features, which are difficult to revert when
> > people start to use them. So I will not make the decision to apply this
> 	i am new to this: who actually has write CVS access, and who
> 	decides the patches and additions that make it into the CVS
> 	tree? are there, like the linux kernel, code style guidelines
> 	that tree additions should follow? please advise.

CVS write access have Thomas, Roland, Mark, Yoshinori, Gordon and me.
However, Thomas and Roland decide what goes in and what doesn't.
> > patch all alone, and the Hurd authors are currently not doing much Hurd
> > stuff, so we have to wait for an official word on it.
> 	is dev. closed on the 0.3 version of hurd? 

Yes, only bug fixing is allowed. Note that a "bug" can be a lot of things,
and small, but very useful features which obviously don't break stuff can
probably go in as well, but we try to not break things.

To answer your other mail: The devel list is bug-hurd@gnu.org.


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