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Re: Porting FreeBSD's/OpenBSD's User-level ppp(8) to the Hurd

On Mon, Jul 24, 2000 at 04:32:20AM +0200, Farid Hajji wrote:
> > 2. If there is no such translator, is there an officially approved or
> >    preferred way to access native gnumach drivers? Of course, there is
> >    always the possibility to get the master device port from the PROC
> >    server (like in e.g. <glibc>/sysdeps/mach/hurd/settimeofday.c) and
> >    look for the com driver directly, then try to interact with it in
> >    a way shown in <gnumach>/i386/i386at/com.{h,c}. I'm however more than
> >    reluctant to start work on this kind of stuff right now, since serial
> >    drivers can be really tricky to implement/interface with correctly.
> >    Of course, threading will also be an involved issue here (I think),
> >    not even to mention exception ports and all this.
> Here again, the code in <hurd>/term/devio.c is all I need.
> Only two remaining questions:
> a.) How to I settrans the term translator to a /dev/ttyS* on one side
>     and have it use gnumach's com driver on the other side?


        st $I root 600 /hurd/term ${DEVDIR}/$I device $I;;

So, "settrans /dev/com1 /hurd/term /dev/com1 device com1"

would connect /dev/com1 with com1 in GNU Mach.
The Hurd doesn't use the ttyS? notation as linux (although we could).
> b.) Only baud rates up to 38400 are defined/used in switch statements.
>     Does this mean, that 57600 and higher are not possible with term
>     and/or gnumach's com driver?

gnumach/include/device/tty_status.h doesn't know about 57600, although
i386/i386at/com.c does. Maybe it's just a matter of adding the missing
cases at the appropriate places... however, this should be the smallest


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