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some network questions


I have some network problems/questions. I have a rtl8139 card, the
pfinet server seems to be set correctly. (i can ping the ip address of
my card -

1) if i do 'ping -c 2 -f', ping says: transmitted packages
4; reveived packages: 2; 50% packet loss. why does ping try to
transmit the double number of packets, which i've set with '-c'?

2) i've installed the telnetd - if i do 'telnet', it
connects to the telnetd (it gets logged), but nothing happens. the
line "Escape character is '^]'." appears and then the telnet process
hangs. -- BUT, if i type 'telnet 23' the issue appears and
i get a login prompt (but, the keyboard is quiet broken here)...
can somebody explain it to me?

    bye, moritz
/* Moritz Schulte <moritz@hp9001.fh-bielefeld.de>
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