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Some questions...

Hi all,

I've get the base/gnumach and base/hurd new packages that I have found
in the ftp site. Then, I've cleaned completly my hurd hard drive and
I've grown it's partition. It was about 400 Mb before and now it is
about 523 Mb (528 cylinders).

First, gnumach gives me errors complaining about the disk, and about
sectors -too high-. The disk is set with LBA mode, but it doesn't
reach the 1 gb limit... What's happening?? (The system works "fine").

Another thing... I've seen that the gnumach package now includes color
support :-)) But I don't see it in the gnumach cvs which I have
recently download. The file is still the same, without color. Why?

And about the hurd getty... I posted here some time ago a patch to
allow it use /etc/issue, like a linux system. But I don't see this in
the distribution... I think it could be interesting to other people to
be able to use this file ;-)


Juli-Manel Merino Vidal <jmmv@mail.com>

   Become a GNU! (http://www.gnu.org)
     Running Debian GNU/Linux woody

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