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Re: Problems with oskit-mach

> On Tue, 05 Sep 2000, Igor Khavkine wrote:
> > The first problem was that my computer generated a general protection
> > fault in the i386/intel/pmap.c::pmap_boostrap() function where the code
> > was trying to modify the %cr4 register. I have a K6-III which pretends
> > to support the PGE extension (judging from the cpuid output), the code
> > was trying to enable the flag for this feature in the %cr4 register and
> > that generated the GPF.
> It seems that I have the same problem, but I've got an K6-2. So that
> might be K6 family error.

It is certainly harmless to disable the code that uses PGE.  It is just an
optimization.  It would be helpful to figure out exactly when it is and
isn't safe to use this feature, by looking at the code in Linux or BSD that
decides whether to try to use it.  

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