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Re: A new install guide

Philip Charles writes:
 > On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, Matthew Vernon wrote:
 > > Phil wrote:
 > >  > A text version would be useful for the installation CD.
 > > 
 > > That shouldn't be too hard - do you have a timescale for when you'd
 > > want it by?
 > > 
 > I am hoping to have another version of the CD out next week.  I would
 > imagine that an installation CD will be the method used by a good
 > percentage of Hurd newbies so a simple guide is needed.

OK - a prelimary version can be found as

Once I've made a texinfo version, I can provide a "real" version. I'm
not sure exactly what's on the CD, so if you'd like to provide a patch
to deal with the CD install... (alternatively, provide me with an iso
image, and I'll try and burn one here)



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