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HURD Progamming HOWTO/Tutorial

Hello all. I am digging my way through the HURD manual along with some of the
example servers and translators in the hurd/trans directory of the CVS. I was
wondering if it would be beneficial if I were to write a HURD Programming
HOWTO/Tutorial once I get a complete enough understanding. I was thinking
of using hurd/trans/hello.c  and hurd/trans/password.c as examples. What do
you think? I would hope that this could then be used to help other beginning
HURD hackers.



P.S. What would be the best format to do it in texinfo, latex, SGML, ???
Does it really matter? Granted I prefer to use LyX when writing things, but
I can put it into whatever format is preferred. Are there any standards if
this were to be apart of the HURD Documentation Project.?
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