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I've got it! (Re: oskit-mach)

Finally, I've been able to find the source of my mysterious
reboots when booting oskit-mach.

The reboot comes from a `panic' call from the `free_for_oskit' routine
in [gnumach]/oskit/osenv_mem.c. Here's that piece of code:

--- snip ---
      if (in_oskit_interrupt)
          /* oy */
          panic ("free_for_oskit of virtual memory from interrupt level");
          /* If this ever happens, make a little free list and have the
             pageout daemon run over it doing kfree.  */
        kfree ((vm_offset_t) block, size);
--- snip ---

Well it did happen, the linux floppy driver from oskit wanted to free some
memory for dma. So Roland (or whoever wrote that code), why is this a
special case and what was your plan exactly?


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