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Re: A new install guide

On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, Neal H Walfield wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have developed a new install guide as the easy guide has become
> quite out of date.  This one was written in the texinfo format so it is
> also a bit more portable.
> I really want feedback, so do not be shy.
I have been confused by the two different ways, one using a tarball and the
other using Debian-packages, I find it hard to see which instruction belongs
I think the easiest instruction is 
a) grab the tarball
b) move it to it´s own partition (explain size and naming ...)
c) make a grub-bootfloppy
d) boot it

What I´m also missing is the relation between the Hurd and gnumach (I don´t
fully understand it myself), who of the two is doing what. Maybe also add some
other vital things and their relationships to each other.

Disclaimer: I haven´t yet run the Hurd and this is probably pretty much
i386-centered. I´m still only learning on this topic.

There´s also http://hurddocs.sourceforge.net , maybe you should join forces.

Ulrich Eckhardt

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