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A new install guide


I installed Hurd using Matthew Vernon's easy guide.  I would not have
been able to install Hurd if not for the easy guide.  I liked it and
found the information readable and understandable.

Neal, your new installation guide is also nice and mentions a few
things that would be useful for a little advanced users.  

I think both of your guide's need to have links to


or to


and also to


Thanks a lot for the effort in writing both guides.


>>>>> "Neal" == Neal H Walfield <neal@walfield.org> writes:

    Neal> Hi All, I have developed a new install guide as the easy
    Neal> guide has become quite out of date.  This one was written in
    Neal> the texinfo format so it is also a bit more portable.

    Neal> I really want feedback, so do not be shy.

    Neal> http://www.walfield.org/papers/hurd-installation-guide/

    Neal> Thanks and best regards, -Neal

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