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Re: Hurd installation CD

On Wed, Sep 20, 2000 at 11:39:50AM +0000, Philip Charles wrote:
> The Hurd .deb packages from gnu.org will be the default packages available
> to dselect.  I am proposing to include the Hurd .deb packages from
> debian.org as a separate file system.  Has anyone got any better ideas?

Uh, gnu.org only contains some unofficial updates, a tetsing field if you
want. You can include them, but as I saud, they are only an addition, not a
replacement for debian.org.
> I am also intending to use the latest tarball and Grub.  Are their any
> reasons not to do this?

Yes. You should wait for the next update, which I will do tomorrow latest
(maybe in a couple of hours). There is a bug in gnumach which leads to
crashes, and I want streamdev in the Hurd package (for /dev/kmsg, so people
can report the boot message).
> There is one problem.  I not able to create /dev/hd1 and mount the cdrom
> onto it.  This has to be done after running native-install and before any
> other packages are installed.  Could someone give me some advice please,
> or better still write something I can include in the documentation.

After running native-install the second time, you need to reboot. Then:

cd /dev
settrans /cdrom /hurd/isofs /dev/hd1

> A number of cosmetic modifications have been made to messages and the
> main installation menu, but there are more that can be made.  These will
> require some serious rewriting so I am not going to break my neck over
> them.
> The release date should be the middle of next week.  I will doing some
> serious negotiation locally to see if I can get the images on a Dunedin NZ
> site.

I am sorry that the images you sent me are not available yet. It's more
difficult for me than expected to get them out of the door.


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