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Fwd: Re: modems should work now (who was going to work on ppp?)

I am resending this message as I am not sure that it made it to the list
because I had exim using a different smart host when I was on the campus
network and then I dialed up from home and I needed to use my ISPs SMTP

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Subject: Re: modems should work now (who was going to work on ppp?)
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 17:31:06 -0500
From: Daniel E. Baumann <baumannd@msoe.edu>

On Fri, 29 Sep 2000, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I just fixed a relevant bug in gnumach:
> 2000-09-29  Marcus Brinkmann  <marcus@gnu.org>
>         * i386/i386at/conf.c (dev_name_list): Don't use MACH_COM to check
>         if com support is enabled, but NCOM, as it used to be.
> Com support was added in gnumach by default, but did not get an entry in the
> device list, so comX devices couldn't be opened. Bad.
> Now it works. I was able to talk to my modem with minicom (I think I needed
> to disable m_flush, but I am not sure about my hack. So if minicom doesn't
> work for you, ...), and dial out.
> cd /dev
> ./MAKEDEV com1
> So, who was going to work on PPP?
> Thanks,
> Marcus
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I am plannig on working on it. I have a question: why did the patch for pfinet
that allowed it to have multiple interfaces not make it into CVS?

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