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Hurd freezes while booting

Hello all.

I just subscribed to this mailing-list, I hope I'm asking the right question to the right ppl :)

Hurd freezes while booting; I have an Athlon 700 (I can give more
details if needed) and I made a new partit on with 950MB for the Hurd;
I red the docs and sucessfuly installed Debian GNU/Hurd on hda3; I
made a GRUB boot disk and changed the things from the menu as
indicated; GRUB found what he wanted (gnumach and serverboot) and then
began to load the Hurd; it detected my HD and CDR and then it freezes
while detecting the floppy (something like 'fd0 is a post-1991...').
I don't know what to do; I think I have all the latter stuff, but I
can't be sure because the information is very scatered (I've looked at
Debian, alpha.gnu, personal pages, etc.)... I wonder if it has
something to do with the MTTR, since potato also would'nt install and
would freeze because of lack of support.

I'm a non-programmer; all I know of computers is self-taught and out
of interest... I'm actually taking History at the University, so all
is said :); I have however used GNU/Linux since 1993, and Debian since
slink... I can admin my box and have a small LAN and I pretty much can
understand all the fundamentals (I do all the work I can while on
This is just for you ppl know where I'm coming from... cryptic answers
will prolly confuse me; I would like to know if I can help with
non-tech work, like translations (my natural language is Portuguese)
or testing or whatever; I'm a fast learner.

I would really like to get the Hurd going.... so I will appreciate all
the help you can give me.

best regards,

Frederico S. Muñoz

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