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minimal Hurd system

Im trying to make a small hurd system.

I previously mentioned that i was working on getting busybox working
under the Hurd, i have enough working for it to be usefull, it fills out
/bin, /sbin, /usr/sbin and /usr/bin pretty well, there is room for
improvement though.

busybox is at busybox.lineo.com, there are instructions how to get it
out of cvs there. To compile it under the Hurd you need to rename the
file busybox.def.h.Hurd to be busybox.def.h and then just run a make.

Currently i have got a bootable ststem at 5.6 MB, of this

/hurd directory is 2.7MB
/lib is 	1.7MB
/boot is 	892 KB
/bin is 	204KB (busybox binary)
/libexec is 	48KB
and a few small directories here and there.

I havent tried to do library reduction yet, libc is 1MB, i think i may
be able to reduce it down to 500KB or so.

I havent touched the /hurd directory its the same as in the 12MB .tar.gz
image, im not exactly sure what i can remove from here (if anything).

Before i started playing with the Hurd i was thinking i might be able to
make some hurd floppies, but now im having my doubts.

Does Hurd suppport ramdisks, or how could a two or more floppy system
work, could we have a boot and root floppy ?

If we had a boot and root floppy /boot could fit on the boot floppy then
/libs and /bin (and /sbin, /usr/sbin, /usr/bin) might just squeeze onto
a root floppy with library reduction.

But then i asume the /hurd directory would be needed very early on...
this is what is causing me doubts.


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