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[no subject] apt-get trouble Attempt to acces block outside partition boot image Booting the Hurd Booting the Hurd (boot errors) Re: Fwd: Re: Booting the Hurd on Adaptec AIC7850 fails Re: bsdutils Debian package -- conflicts? bug in cross-install Bus error during c++ link, where is the error? Re: [cant find cpp] can't find cpp colortext translator create /servers/password download packages in cross-install Dselect working Easy Guide - location? Error message tweak in cross-install EXT2FS Problems -- Interesting Code Snippet Ext2 unmount Re: File system corruption RE: File System Errors (Additional Data) First-time Hurd installation: booting fails Further EXT2 Stuff Re: Gh0st OS Re: Gh0stOS gh0stOS and the Hurd gnu-19990907.tar.gz GNU Mach homepage? Gnumach: Keyboard error GOLDEN GOOSE GRUB boot floppy - suggestion. GRUB shell works on Hurd! help HELP, HELP, HELP !!! Re: Help on offer. Help: shell prompt doesn't come up :-( how to make a boot disk (part I) hurd build machine available? Hurd crash when using "patch" Hurd stopped working :( Hurd useful or not Re: Installation installation bug? Re:Installing Debian-Hurd from a redhat machine Installing Debian-Hurd from a redhat machine ? ISDN under hurd? large tarball errors: 19990905 Let's all welcome Stefan Seeger -- GGI Expert (Was Hurd Help! -- FW: colortext translator) Linux vs. Hurd Mach4/GNU Mach Features Re: mach deficiencies making the floppy without rebooting man-db*.deb file on broken Re: Midnight Commander for GNU/Hurd Minor missing detail in the installation instructions on the Web page Re: more convenient way to change keymap Network setup program nevermind on the partition address's new packages, new hurd-*.tar.gz, boot disk note for installing on Redhat6.0 Re: [offtopic] cpp adventure game Re: panic: panic: main: no root node! Re: panic: main: no root node! (woohoo!) partition size [ hurd] Porting KGI to the HURD PowerPC or SMP support? Re: Previous open GNU/Hurd design discussions? Promise Ultra-33 UDMA controller and Hurd? Re: [Re: note for installing on Redhat6.0] Re: rtl8139.c too memory hungry for mach. settrans ShadowFS simple instructions Some HW questions. Stacking translators? [Steve King <>] Hurd CDs? submitting bug reports Re: svgalib I/O permission Trouble installing Hurd Trouble installing Hurd - Solved by Marcus Trying hurd umount missing ? update-translator script for review Why binary mount? X-Debbugs-CC it is (was: Re: submitting bug reports X is "working" Re: your mail The last update was on 20:10 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 312 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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