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Re: panic: main: no root node!

> > ext2fs: hd0s1: panic: main: no root node!
> Whoa! I never saw this one.
> please make sure that:
> You have made a ext2fs partition of type 83 (NOT 63). That you used the "-o
> hurd" argument to mke2fs. Probably not use mke2fs 1.15, but an earlier
> version.
> You gave GRUB the command:
> root= (hd0,0)
> kernel= /boot/gnumach.gz root=hd0s1
> module= /boot/serverboot.gz

I just reverified things.

/dev/hda1 = Type 83, mke2fs was ran with a -o hurd

ok...so mke2fs is 1.15 (of course, latest potato)...I will go grab and older
version and try with that since everything else is as it should.

> Because the rest of your setup is absolutely standard (IDE, first partition
> on first disk, that's amazingly easy to get running, if you know how :), I
> suspect the problem is somewhere above, probably the partition type.
> If nothing above helps, write us again. And if osmething helped, let us know
> what problem it was.

we'll see if the mke2fs version does the trick...  

> > (this is a laptop)
> Mmmh... I don't have much experience with laptops. Does anybody think this
> could cause problems at this early stage? (I mean, at least it should boot,
> shoudn't it?)

I dont' think it should...but you never know.  :)

off to go track down mke2fs < 1.15

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