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Hi all,

I've downloaded all the hurd packages mentioned in 'cross-install' and
I've installed hurd with it to hd1s1.

The disk is about 520 mbs. It has 528 cilinders. In linux fdisk I create a
single partition from 1 to 528. Grub is unable to read that partition. It
determines the filesystem ext2 correctly but says when reading the kernel:
'Unable to access block outside partition' or something. I've decreased
the last cilinder to 500 instead of 528 and it works fine.

Booting hurd the first time (single-user mode), I run native-install. The
first error is in libc configuration when ask for timezone. It shows an
error first, and then, asks 'Number:'. What should I say here ? (I'm in
spain). I've put a random timezone. Then, hurd says that it will run dpkg
twice to set up pendent packages. Ok. The first time, it shows a lot of
errors (as the script warns), but when running the second time, it does
nothing. It says 'Setting up <package>...' and stays there (I've
redownloaded all the packages to see if that was a download error). It
always stop in the first package, so, I can do nothing more!!!

I've downloaded the tarball to see if it goes better that packages. I
untar it and it goes worse! It is unable to configure anything. When
native-install is run, it configures first awk and libc, but it's unable
to do it. And it stays in the same place when running the second time
dpkg as I said before.

I'm getting crazy. Please, help me! I want to try The HURD.

Many thanks. Bye.

Juli-Manel Merino Vidal
jmmv@mail.com - http://jmmv.cjb.net
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