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Re: Some HW questions.

The Hurd is still very deep in development, and as a result, it's
not the speediest little bugger yet. (Or stablest). If/When it is
completed, it's stability and speed should be very worth writing home
about. :)

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Bill White wrote:

> 1.) Will it be possible to install the Hurd on a 486DX120, or do I 
>     need a Pentium?  What about a 486DX50?

I shudder at the idea of running the Hurd under a 486/50.

A 486/120 should do you fine.

> 2.) Does anybody have any experience with older Cyrix 586 CPUs?  I have
>     a 200Mhz device which may still work.  Linux worked on it reasonably
>     well before I upgraded.

Couldn't help you here. I don't see a reason for it not to work, though.

> 3.) If I have a 350Mb hard drive, but I have a machine which I intend to
>     use entirely as a Hurd victim machine, will this be enough?  That is
>     to say, can I use this machine only for Hurd binaries, and cross-compile
>     everything from my Linux machine?

The Hurd distribution isn't all that large yet. You could probably get
away with installing a fair number of packages within 350 megs.

> 4.) What's the minimum amount of memory I will need?  Will 8Mb be
>     sufficient?  16Mb?  32Mb?  512Mb?

I've used it on a machine with 16 megs of RAM. You want to make sure you
have a lot of VIRTUAL memory available because the Hurd can swap itself
out to hell (and panic) very easily. The first thing you should see about
doing once you boot it is setting up swap space. 64 megs of swap should be
fine for most purposes.


--Michael Bacarella

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