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Re: partition size

Hi David,
  The HURD partition can go up to 1 gig.  The limitation is not in the
boot loader.  Grub loads my 4 gig Debian GNU/linux without prob.  My
other OSes(non-hurd) are over 1 gig and load without prob.  The cylinder
1024 limitation can gotten around using stage1.5 or the lba stage (can't
remember the exact name off hand).  Some of the folks doing doxs for the
HURD dropped a line on the mailing list here saying they were completing
a grub doc and would make it available to us soon.


david-hurd@allunix.com wrote:
> I have heard that there is a partition size limitation with hurd. This
> partition for the Hurd should be kept  around 500megs?
> My question is, is the limitation in the boot loader?
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