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Re: svgalib I/O permission

(I have left svgalib alone, but the colortext translator I'm
hacking on needs similar things.)

Roland McGrath <frob@debian.org> writes:

> Or, you can just build your own client stubs using mig.)

That was easier than I thought.  Except the stub didn't compile
without -D_GNU_SOURCE.  Could you make mig prepend #define
_GNU_SOURCE to its output files?

> 	err = i386_io_port_add (mach_thread_self (), kd_device);

This gave me "(os/kern) invalid argument" when called from the
thread hook of ports_manage_port_operations_multithread.  I then
removed the call, but the program could still write to the ports.
So maybe it's automatic after all.

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