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large tarball errors: 19990905

I just installed a machine from the large tarball, and I've got the
following to report:

The machine wouldn't boot.  The error was "panic: cannot load
user-bootstrap image: error code 6000".  I gunzipped
/boot/gnumach.gz and /boot/serverboot.gz and lo!, it came up in
single-user mode.

Running native-install turned up the problem that /usr/info/dir was an
empty file and thus the install-info processes would hang.  I killed
them off one after the other, and when everything seemed to be running
I fetched a dir file from somewhere else.  After that, "dpkg
--configure --pending" did Good Things.

"dpkg -l" seems to tell me about an inconsistency, though.  It says
that a number of Perl 5.005 packages are installed, but it also
mentions `perl-base' which has version 5.004.  This seems to be

Now, I need to fetch a compiler and cvs and a working man-db, and then
I can see how it works with the newest sources :-)

I like BOTH kinds of music.

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