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Re: Why binary mount?

On Sun, 5 Sep 1999, Pontus Lidman wrote:

> What are the special advantages of having a binary "mount" command instead
> of a shell script that runs "settrans"? Having it as a shell script would
> make some of the mechanisms of the Hurd file/directory hierarchy more
> visible.

These are all "suggestions" as to why a binary mount should be used:

1> Performance <g>

2> The mount command is supposed to be an interface to the (non-existant 
on the Hurd) mount() function, which has traditionally existed in UNIX 
since version 6. Scripts cannot access this call, but the Hurd doesn't 
have this call anyway.  I believe that it should, to facilitate programs
that expect it to exist.

3> Having written a binary mount (http://nyct.net/~mbac/_mount.c)  It'd be
a shame to throw my code away :)

--Michael Bacarella

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