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Re: Hurd stopped working :(

On Thu, Sep 23, 1999 at 06:19:09AM +0300, Kalle Olavi Niemitalo wrote:
> Pontus Lidman <pontus@lysator.liu.se> writes:
> I haven't bothered to examine the problem further, nor have I
> tried hurd-19990907.  (Building it seems to require tetex-bin, so
> I built that too, but the teTeX packages have so far refused to
> install.)

use dpkg -i --force-overwrite. The conflicts with the curses package are
irrelevant. Or comment out the XXX-doc parts in debian/rules.
> After I get the Hurd upgraded, I intend to finish loadkeys and
> write a translator for displaying text with colors.

1. Probably don't spend your time on loadkeys, as we will use the linux
console code soon, and then we will want to use whatever linux uses

2. Definitely don't spend your time on colored text. Anyway, this change has
to be done in GNU Mach, and now that we are already talking about it, I have
a patch ready for attributes and colors, and Brent did NMU ncurses with a
appropriate termcap entry. (and when we switch to linux console, we will
have coloured text, too, of course). However, working on a fancy terminal
translator is encouraged, to make a kernel driven console driver
unnecesasarz at some later time (contact Thomas about that)


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