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Re: more convenient way to change keymap

(Should this thread move to bug-hurd?)

tb@MIT.EDU (Thomas Bushnell, BSG) writes:

> I'm a little uncertain about the right naming
> scheme, and because it's the sort of thing that gets cast into stone
> quickly, I don't want to just *do* it without thought.

${includedir}/mach/i386/kd.h ?

I think "mach" should be in the name, to show that the file isn't
part of libc or the Hurd.  Also, alternative kernels like Fiasco
aren't likely to provide the same interface as Mach.

Are there other headers that might have to be installed?

> > Will /hurd/term be extended to interpret scancodes and poke
> > characters in video memory, or do those features belong in a
> > separate program (/hurd/console)?
> Probably the latter.

Aha.  I wonder which program starts first.  Perhaps /hurd/term
could start /hurd/console via a passive translator somewhere in
/dev or /servers.  (What is their difference?)  Then, programs
like deallocvt could contact the server in the same way.

The screen-output part of /hurd/console could already be written
and tested without disturbing the rest of the system, and would
be more fun than svgalib.

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