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RE: Porting KGI to the HURD

Welcome Steffen,

Thanks for joining our little group!

> My name is Steffen Seeger and I am new to this list. I would
> like to ask you in advance to kindly forgive the stupid questions 
> I am probably going to ask in the next future :-)
As we ask you to forgive the many "stupid" questions we
(or at least "I") will be asking about KGI/GGI in the
near future :-)

The only real Hurd experts around here are Roland, Thomas,
Okuji, and more-and-more Marcus.  So we are all in this
> Well, I am the main author of kgi-0.9 and will be available for any
> questions you may have regarding it. I have not much background about
> HURD yet, except it is a microkernel OS, and a very 
> interesting project.
Yes.  I think that once you make the leap from thinking
in a UNIX/Linux-centric fashion, you will soon find that many
of the Hurd's features are wonderful.  So many things make
sense to me now, that were quite puzzling in the beginning.

> I have some introductory articles I can post on request. I just don't 
> want to flood you with stuff you don't want to read...
I would appreciate it if you posted this introductory information.
Let's not spam help-hurd with it, but debian-hurd is a good place ;-)
We can all read this data, then start throwing ideas around
regarding the best way to implement it in GNUmach and in the Hurd.

It would probably be very helpful it you read Thomas's article
about the Hurd architecture
It explains the philosophy of the Hurd.  Once you wrap yourself
around that you should be well on your way to understanding
how things are layed out.

Welcome aboard!


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