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Re: Trying hurd

On Fri, Sep 03, 1999 at 09:02:35PM +0200, Juli-Manel Merino Vidal wrote:
> - The keyboard doesn't works properly (I'm spanish). What I have to do?

Mark wrote a tool to change the keymap, and I extended it.
Find it at:

You need to write a coorect map file. Get a ASCII table and have fun. Commit
the table for spanish key map back to me, please.
If you have questions about the program, the table format or the symbol
names, ask me.

> - I can't see latin1 characters.

Add to /etc/inputrc:

set convert-meta off

Let me know if this worked.

> - I can't see colors; why ? (ls --color doesn't work and escape secuences
> too).

No support for color on the mach console (use telnet form linux or so).

> - When will be ready boot disks for installation?

When I have them finished. I am working on it, but not full time. Give me
some more weeks and nudge me again if I don't say something about them.

> - Are there several consoles as in linux, with alt+f1, alt+f2... ?

No. Not even the screen program :(

> - If I do settrans with an unexisting device, the console gets unusable.

Mmmh. Please explain further.

> - The filesystem is too different that in linux. Where is a description
> about it ?

The filesystem is the same. Probably you mean the filesystem layout. But
even that's not true. We have bin, lib, share, etc, var, home just the same.
We don't have (or use) proc. We have hurd/ for the Hurd servers and /libexec
for some executables that are not to be used interactively. We don't
seperate /usr and /, though. There's still the /usr symlink for convenience.

> - df doesn't works. (I think it says that it can't read filesystems
> information).

This is fixed in an alpha version of fileutils. Later it will become stable
and we will all use it. I may backport the fix for this, but it is not of
high priority. (Find alpha version alpha.gnu.org/gnu somewhere, if you want
to try it before iut hits the archive).

> - If I want to compile my own kernel, can I do it under linux?

Yes, but you can do it under Hurd just as easily (or even easier).

> There are a lot of questions... but...

Go on ;)


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