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Re: partition size

> I have heard that there is a partition size limitation with hurd. This 
> partition for the Hurd should be kept  around 500megs?
> My question is, is the limitation in the boot loader?

It's a limitation of mmap(). The Hurd filesystem translators, in all
cleverness, mmap() the entire partition for it's added conveniance.

I'm not specifically sure what causes tasks to only be able to have 1 gig
of mappings, but I'm guessing things like stack/text segments occupy the
other gig.

On the other hand, when reading literature on the Mach microkernel, it
discusses how UNIXisms like text/data segments were phased out in favor
of a broad unified memory model without text/data partitioning so I don't
see how a mmap() limitation applies here. A task should have a whole 2
gigs of address space, according to my limited understanding.

Disclaimer: all of the above stated on hearsay. i am not an expert.

--Michael Bacarella

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