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Re: ShadowFS

On Sat, Sep 04, 1999 at 04:11:32PM -0400, Michael Bacarella wrote:
> Ok. What is shadowfs?

shadowfs is a concept for yet another translator, which will allow to "mount"
several file systems on top of each other, transparently. So, if /dev/hd1s1
contains a file foo, /dev/hd1s2 contains a file bar, both files will be seen
in the same directory (the root directory of the common "mount" point).
Several options will allow to fine tune the behaviour (which partition will
be written to for which files etc).

> I read about it a lot, and it's used often to refute
> the "The Hurd does N, which is bad" by going "Oh, don't worry, it can be
> fixed easily with shadowfs".

Na, we don't use this _too_ often. One thing we explain with shadowfs is the
lack of a real /usr on the Hurd. At other points we mention shadowfs when we
feel that shadwfs could be useful in such a situation.

> If I do read anything about it, it's awfully vague and it then goes on to
> say "shadowfs doesn't exist yet".

It's not really vague, the concept is so simply that it doesn't require much
explanation. But I will add something to the FAQ about it.

> Why doesn't it exist?

Nobody wrote it.

> Is there something stopping it's development?

Lack of time?

> Is it just something nobody got around to?

Yes, definitely. Also, the current development focusses on stabilization and
bug fixing. There are other things we urgently need which probably have a
higher priority. However, every developer works on what he feels is most
important right now, and shadowfs just seems to not be on thetop of the list
of anybody.


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