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Re: settrans

> I have this problem too. I usually have to ping localhost a few times,
> then ping another machine, then the gateway, before I can get a live
> network connection going.

Can you try to diagnose this a bit more precisely?

Note that it is normal for a Hurd machine not to respond to pings right on
boot before anything on the machine has accessed the pfinet server (just
like a Linux/Unix machine before `ifconfig' has been run to set up the
network).  The pfinet server, which is what listens to the Ethernet for IP
packets, is a translator set on /servers/socket/2, so it starts up (and
will should respond to pings) as soon as anything accesses that node.  In a
multiuser boot this normally happens the first time when inetd starts up
and begins creating AF_INET sockets.  Any other program run locally that
makes an AF_INET socket will start it up too (i.e. ping or anything else
that uses thet network).

Can you give us a precise characterization of the situation when you see
this network nonresponsiveness?  Is this just after boot?  Singleuser or
multiuser?  What else is running or has run?  Does the period of
nonresponsiveness continue until you do something specifically
network-related (the pings you mentioned), or does the situation change
just given the passage of time?  During a period of nonresponsiveness, what
does `ps -A' show?

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