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First-time Hurd installation: booting fails


I didn't get all that far in the installation.  I created a small
Linux partition, a 127MB swap partition and a 1.7 GB Hurd partition on
my HDD.  Installed Debian (hamm) on the small partition.  Did a
"mke2fs -o hurd /dev/hda3", and mounted the partition as /hurd.  Did a
"mkswap /dev/hda2".  Unpacked the tarball (gnu-19990907.tar.gz) in
/hurd directory.

Got a mostly empty /dev directory, it only had a MAKEDEV script.
Tried to execute that script from Linux, no go (was missing settrans).

Proceeded to boot from the GRUB floppy.  Entered:

    kernel=/boot/gnumach.gz root=hd1s3 -s

The system came up and checked its hardware.  Got as far as COM0 and
COM1 ports.  But then:

    panic: cannot load user-bootstrap image: error code 6000

Hit `?' at that point.  Got:

    Kernel page fault at address 0x0, eip=0x11a932
    Kernel Page fault trap, eip=0x11a932
    Kernel trap, type 14, code 0
    Dump of i386_saved_state, 002a2de8
    EAX 002a55ac EBX 002a55ac ECX 000000 EDX 002a55ac
    ...lines omitted...

Notes:  I mostly followed the `easy guide'.  The easy guide could be
changed to reflect that gnumach and serverboot are now gzipped.  Also,
the easy guide contains a section on creating device files, but the
instructions are not enlightening:

    Then you have to recreate the device files, due to a bug in the
    cd /gnu/dev
    rm *
    ln -s ../sbin/MAKEDEV /gnu/dev/MAKEDEV

Well, I used /hurd rather than /gnu.  But /hurd/sbin/MAKEDEV and
/hurd/dev/MAKEDEV were equal.  So I didn't think symlinking would be
necessary.  And the above commands do not recreate the device files
themselves, they just provide for a working (?) MAKEDEV script.

Something must be wrong, here.

Another note on the easy guide: tell us to edit /gnu/boot/servers.boot
to specify the swap partition.  There was something on this list that
the Hurd fails when run without a swap partition...

All comments appreciated,
I like BOTH kinds of music.

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